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TIP: FreeBSD boot time speed up
Documentation Posted by Understudy on Sunday August 08, @04:40PM
from the 10 seconds to 3 seconds in 7 seconds flat dept.
You want to change the boot time on FreeBSD. Here is an easy way to do it.
You must be root to make these changes.
Change to the boot directory of you computer. At the command prompt type:
cd /boot
Now open up loader.conf in an editor, such as easy editor. At the comand prompt type:
ee loader.conf
This may bring up an existing file or a new file, either way it doesn't matter. If you have an exisiting file go to the bottom and add these lines:
# -- autoboot delay -- #
autoboot_delay="3" # Delay in seconds before autobooting
If you don't have an exisiting file just toss those lines in there.
When you are done adding the lines exit and save changes (ee use the Esc key to exit).
The next time you boot up it will show at the boot up instead of 10 seconds it will show 3 seconds. Isn't that nice.
You can review a few more neat items in the
directory. Please remember that you must make your changes in /boot/loader.conf not /boot/defaults/loader.conf .

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    Re: TIP: FreeBSD boot time speed up
    by mark on Tuesday July 29, @07:22AM
    Thanks for that. I had the syntax wrong and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working.
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    Re: TIP: FreeBSD boot time speed up
    by MarkB on Thursday August 11, @06:52AM
    Nice tip, thanks very much!
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